A little about me

I'm a California-native with a love for new technologies, literature, and social activism. I've spent most of my career in manufacturing—first in medical devices, and more recently in consumer electronics. I've worked in the US and in China with both large companies and small startups.

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My Work

The work I've decided to highlight represents both career activities and personal projects. I've tried to pick a snapshot of things I am both proud of and have learned the most from.

Vue Smart Glasses

Vue is the world's first pair of smart glasses that are designed for everyday use. With Vue, you can stream wireless audio, make handsfree calls, and track activity. All in a stylish, discreet pair of glasses. Raised over $2,215,000 USD on Kickstarter.

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Electroloom—3D Printer for Clothes

Electroloom was an early stage startup exploring additive manufacturing as the means for simpliyfing textile production. Electroloom's early prototypes were capable of creating whole, 3D, seamless garments automatically inside a single desktop device.

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Dandelion—Game Development

Won 1st place in a San Francisco Bay Area game development hackathon for a 2D sidescroller called Dandelion. Players guided a dandelion seed through a forest by dodging birds and obstacles. The game's design was compared to critically acclaimed indie game Limbo. I was in charge of design, aesthetics, and asset development. I worked in tandem with Daniel Hall.

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Lotus Heart Valve Replacement

Worked on the Lotus Valve System—-a fully repositionable, transcatheter aortic valve replacement technology. Device was successfully launched in Europe following CE approval. Device is used to treat aoritic stenosis in elderly patients.

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